Certifications and licenses

Virosac has important certifications and licenses that guarantee our product and manufacturing process quality.
The certifications are the first guarantee for consumers, who find themselves having to choose between thousands of products. Behind these acronyms, there are often very complex processes, for environmental protection, staff safety and consumer health.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

This is the certification which guarantees attention to quality and efficiency in our processing phase, and ensures transparent consumer communications.
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UNI EN ISO 9001-2015

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

This certification manages respect for the environment and all environmental issues in relation to manufacturing processes.
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UNI EN ISO 14001-2015

UNI ISO 45001:2018

This certification is a guarantee that our facility and all processing phases adhere to safety standards. Our staff are an incredible resource and we want them to feel reassured and safe in the workplace.
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Bollino Etico Sociale

This specialized “Featuring” certification is only awarded after a tough audit, which assesses staff management, internal communications and client-supplier relations.
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Ok compost

We received “OK compost” certification in February 2009 for production of biodegradable bags, manufactured in Mater-Bi for organic waste collection. This certification guarantees transformation of the product into compost in about 90 days, if disposed of correctly, in accordance with European standard EN 13432:2002.
This is why compostable does not mean the same thing as biodegradable. It means much more. Waste becomes a source of new life for plants.

Ok compost Home

In April 2017 we obtained “OK Compost Home” Certification for developing Mater-Bi bags that are also suitable for home composting.
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Compostabile CIC

We obtained our user license for the “Compostabile CIC” trademark in 2009. The trademark guarantees that a product is compostable and therefore suitable for transformation into compost if recuperated via an industrial composting process. Furthermore, it is awarded after closer examination, which assesses full-scale complete compostability in accordance with standard UNI EN 13432:2002.


Long before Italian laws imposed it, we believed in the potential of Mater-Bi, the Novamont corn starch product, whose quality has now made it an industry standard. That’s why at Virosac we were awarded Novamont’s license N° 001 (something we proudly exhibit!) for transformation of this material, and since 1991 we’ve been leading manufacturers of biodegradable organic waste collection bags.