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News 2018: the BioFrigo line; the new frontier of biodegradable in the kitchen.

Bio is the new way to preserve freshness

Today Virosac reaches its most ambitious goal, presenting BioFrigo, a line for the preserving and freezing food in the kitchen strictly biodegradable and compostable, which includes:

  • BIOFRIGO BAGS 23×32 cm
  • BIOFRIGO BAGS 28×40 cm

The pluses of the BioFrigo line

  • It is available in 12 m, packed in a case including hacksaw and completely recyclable;
  • The transparent film is biodegradable and compostable because it is obtained with raw materials from renewable sources, but also resistant and suitable for storing any type of food, even the fattest ones;
  • They protect effectively from odours and are suitable for food contact, preserves freshness and also once used they are easily disposable in the humid fraction of the waste collection. Thanks to modern composting systems, in a very short time they turn into fertile humus.

Bio refuse lines for recycled waste

Since 1991 we have specialized in manufacturing our biodegradable and compostable line. We currently manufacture more than 50 products which have allowed us to meet customer requirements in both technical and practical terms.

The most important are:

  • BIOPRATICO WITH HANDLES that it was Italy’s top-selling branded product line in 2017 (Nielsen data);
  • BIOLACCIO line with patented drawstring tie;
  • BIO MAXI FORMAT and BIO CATERING, for professional requirements;
  • PROXSAC BIO, the latest creation, with its practical, functional shopper form which guarantees easy closure and transport.

  • Discover our new Bio line for recycled waste

    Collaborations and partnerships

    We’re proud to mention our long-standing collaboration with Novamont and are registered user no.1 of the Novara-based chemical company’s Mater-Bi trademark license.
    Mater-Bi is an innovative range of bioplastics which use plant components like corn starch and biodegradable polymers, derived from both renewable and synthetic raw materials.

    Mater-Bi was developed by Novamont and is a highly innovative material that resents a real solution to current, strongly impacting problems, such as managing organic waste. The plant component of Mater-Bi allows industrial companies to offer mass consumption products with low environmental impact, reducing greenhouse gas emission and consumption of energy and non-renewable resources.

    We have supported the environmental protection projects of Italy’s largest environmental agency, Legambiente, for years. We support important projects like the “Ridurre si può” and “Disimballiamoci” campaigns to reduce unnecessary packaging and the “Spiagge e fondali puliti” beach cleaning volunteering day at the sea, to clear abandoned waste from our beaches and sea beds.

    Since 2011 we’ve been on board with the “Treno Verde” environmental project, another information and awareness campaign by Legambiente focussed on energy, urban quality of life and sustainable living in our homes.

    Our local area

    Companies are not outsiders in their local area; they are responsible for contributing to the development of that area. That’s why we sponsor local sporting events and activities and collaborate with two Social Co-operatives: L’Incontro and La Vallorgana.

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