Creativity and innovation since 1973

Our company is the leading manufacturer of waste bags, like biodegradable bags, differentiated waste sacks and scented bags, both domestic and professional use.

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Virosac also manufactures a wide range of products for the kitchen, for food storage and household cleaning, like fridge freezer bags, vacuum sealer bags, food grade plastic wrap and aluminum foil, garment dust covers and multipurpose sheets.

Our business was set up in 1973 as a result of the hard work of Graziano Virago and Giorgio Rossetto, the two company founders who were outstandingly forward-thinking in their understanding of how the world itself was changing. That was the era of the dawn of new technologies, like freezers, and with them new habits, like shopping at supermarkets. That gave rise to the need for food storage and waste management.

We produce more than 1.5 billion bags a year and employ over 110 people. We have remained true to the town that saw our company grow and prosper, Pederobba, in Treviso province, and also to our mission: to simplify the daily life of consumers with technologically-advanced products that respect the environment. Our philosophy is actually what keeps us by your side all day long.

Creativity and innovation have always been our trademark. We have put minor and major innovation in waste bags on supermarket shelves, capable of making the daily lives of consumers easier in so many ways.

Nowadays the Virosac range is highly diversified and very significant. There’s the special drawstring tie to close waste bags, adhesive to make bags stick to the bin properly, handles to transport the bag, a non-drip seal to stop liquid dripping from the bottom and even new varieties of scented waste bags.

These are all highly successful innovations and patents because they meet, or even actually anticipate consumer needs.

We know how important respect for the environment is. This profound awareness was the starting point from where Virosac conducted new studies on products which allowed us to obtain the first Novamont license for manufacture of the new Bio line, which was Italy’s top-selling branded product line in 2016 (Nielsen data).


BioFrigo line

We launched the new line of biodegradable bags and film for food storage.


Obtained the Certification OK Compost Home


Obtained the Environmental Certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2015


Obtained the Label Etico Sociale


New Teflon line

Virosac launched the innovative Teflon line, a series of non-stick, reusable products, designed for rapid, easy, clean, healthier, oil-free cooking.


100th employee

Virosac hired its 100th employee.


New shareholders

Two major financial shareholders joined the firm to drive development forward and boost capacity. The founders, Virago and Rossetto, stayed on as minority shareholders.


Incentives for employees’ bright ideas

Virosac signed an innovative agreement with its employees, based on the contribution made by individuals’ bright ideas seen to boost company success.


Guanto Palmato

Virosac patented the Guanto Palmato disposable glove for use in supermarket fruit & veg sections and service stations. Its special dispenser system means that you don’t take more gloves than you need.



In October 2005 we started moving our manufacturing systems into the new facility which became operational in 2006.



We signed an agreement with Legambiente, Italy’s environmental agency with the widest national presence, whose environmental protection projects we have supported for years, participating in active volunteering initiatives like the “Spiagge e Fondali Puliti” beach cleaning days.



Stopsac had its market launch.


Industrialisation of Lacciosac

Lacciosac, a Graziano Virago product invention, patented by Virosac, went on the market.



Virosac began manufacturing Mater-Bi, using biodegradable plastics, for which it holds license no.1, issued by Novamont S.p.A., the Novara-based chemical company who created this family of bioplastics.


Change the tipology of the company

Virosac became a Limited Liability Company.


New Virosac trademark

A well-known Italian designer/illustrator added a jolly red knight into the Virosac trademark for us. His name is Sir Viro.


Sacco Pratico Viola

Virosac launched the Sacco Pratico Viola which immediately became a mainstay in the company product range, making Virosac Europe’s first pull-out handle bag manufacturer.


A move to Pederobba

Although remaining in Treviso province, the company moved its facility to Pederobba on 21st May.


Virosac S.N.C. incorporated

Virosac S.n.c was incorporated on 4th July. It hired its first three employees, reaching five by the end of the year.


The first price list

The first price list was created.


The founding of Virosac

Virosac S.a.s. was founded by Graziano Virago and Giorgio Rossetto in Cavaso del Tomba, Treviso province, at the foot of Monte Tomba (Monte Grappa Massif).