Made in Italy

We manufacture exclusively in Italy at our Pederobba facility in the Treviso area, with an output of 1.5 billion bags a year.

We proudly put the Italian flag on our bags, not because everyone does it, but because it demonstrate our solid commitment to driving development and employment in our country.

We are now one of Italy’s biggest manufacturers of polyethylene and biodegradable bags (the latter for organic waste collection) and manage annual production exceeding more than 9 million kilograms of material.

We can handle high volume manufacturing, with manufacturing capacity guaranteed by cutting edge technology systems, delivering excellent results, precision and quality. We do this with 9 extrusion lines, fed by external raw material silos, and 23 bag-making machines.

The extrusion process is the transformation of plastic and bioplastic beads into film. The beads are melted in an extruder.  The extruder screw ends in an extrusion head through which air is blown. A bubble is created which leads to the creation of a roll.

During the bag-making phase the roll is cut, rewound and sealed using multi-lane bag-making machines.

Our printers, both in-line with the extruder and optimised for bag-making machines, use only water-based certified biodegradable and compostable ink.

As a company, we are highly sensitive to environmental issues. That’s why we invest in technology that allows us to recycle more than 95% of our manufacturing waste. Waste is in fact recycled and re-used to manufacture trash bags.

Products are scrupulously analysed and subjected to resistance and material seal testing in our Quality Lab.