Respect for people and for the environment

People, our treasure

We are a team, and like every team, we know that results are achieved when everybody gives their best, in their individual roles. That’s what happens in Virosac, where we have shared goals and the desire to grow together, in our constant commitment to introducing improvements, large and small.


Innovation, our pride and joy

Lacciosac, Stopsac, Gransacco, Frigopiù and Guanto Palmato: are you sure that all bags are the same? We know that that isn’t the case, because we have been seeking new solutions for our consumers since the word “go”. We provide the right answers, even before consumers ask questions. We are, in fact, a company that considers innovation in product and process a decisive factor in our own success. The transformations which have shaped that innovation have maintained the high quality of our products and unwavering focus on the environment and local area.


Technology, our strength

If creativity helps us invent new products, then science allows us to produce them. In our R&D lab research is ongoing, both in terms of materials and also operative strategies relating to machinery and industrial processes.


Leadership, our challenge

Quality, innovation and correct business relations have allowed us to become an industry benchmark for mass retail over the last forty years. It’s a role we take very seriously, raising the bar of excellence all the time.


Respect for the environment

Can you produce plastic objects that are also environmentally friendly? Of course, if you do things the right way.
For us, respecting the environment is all about making this an absolute condition in all our process phases, from raw materials supply to waste recycling in our offices. That’s another reason why we received UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification.

To achieve that goal, we respect other essential points as part of our standard company policy:

  • using biodegradable raw materials like Mater-Bi or recycled plastic;
  • reducing product packaging by designing simple, recyclable packaging;
  • reducing processing waste, which stands at 5% today and is fully recuperated and recycled;
  • helping consumers sort their waste, by providing clear, simple information;
  • collaborating with Legambiente in its many activities.

Discover with us the differences between materials and seals, to always have the right waste bag at hand!

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