We are known in the market for our desire to innovate.

Every problem has its own solution and when there isn’t one, you have to invent one. All our patents are directly derived from this belief and designed to solve real requirements with simplicity.


This is a special drawstring tie for sealing the waste bag which can then be used to carry it. It’s one of a kind on the market and patented by Virosac.

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Sacks with handles have our STOPSAC anchor system. This is an adhesive band around the bag top which allows you to stick it onto the bin rim, preventing making an unpleasant mess when disposing of trash. Triple layering makes it ultra-resistant.

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Guanto Palmato

In 2010 we patented our Guanto Palmato disposable glove for use in supermarket fruit & veg sections and service stations. Its special dispenser system means that you don’t take more gloves than you need.
The gloves are packaged on a roll. Loading the dispenser is fast and easy for staff, and just as easy for customers to use. They tear a single glove off, without the risk of pulling several out of the tray at a time, which then go to waste.

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Research and development

Our Research and Development department is hard at work every day designing new products to meet all customer needs with high quality, functional and environmentally sustainable solutions.


Saccopratico products have pull-out handles that function both as a handy waste bag-tie and carry handles. Saccopratico has a non-drip bag seal so the bottom of the bag does not burst open even when the contents are really heavy.



Details always make the difference. The Antigoccia side seal is a special process we developed to make our bags tougher. This is because the weight of the waste contents doesn’t pool in the critical point on the seals on the bag bottom. This stops the bag from splitting and prevents liquid dripping out.



Duradipiù is a patented system for fridge bags. It slows down the food degradation process inside the bag, absorbing gases emitted in the decomposition process.