Innovative freezer bag that protects food thanks to its new and special material, that slows down the natural formation of moisture, prolonging organoleptic qualities and slowing down degradation produced by food in the refrigerator. It is suitable for vegetables, fruit and aged cheeses. It has been certified by rigorous laboratory tests, comparing the duration of the above mentioned categories of foods in the DuraDiPiù bag to their storage in the traditional Virosac freezer bags


  • INNOVATIVE SOLUTION: helps to organize and optimize weekly grocery shopping
  • IMPROVES THE PRESERVATION of vegetables, fruit and aged cheeses in the fridge, slowing down the formation of moisture produced by the foods themselves
  • MATERIAL SUITABLE FOR FOOD CONTACT, in line with current Italian and European legislation
  • Pratical closing system thanks to the “open and close” sliding lace
  • Trasparency of the bag that guarantees the recogniting of the content
  • Anti-drip side welding for extra tightness
  • Label printed on each individual bag with water-based inks
  • Pratical dispenser packaging, foldable and space-saving


  • Empty the excess air inside the bag
  • Use the “open and close” lace correctly making a tight knot
  • Do not reuse the bag after having consumed its contents
  • Do not use in the oven or in the microwave oven
  • Not suitable for freezer, in this case we recommend to use the traditional Virosac freezer bags

Dimensions 35 × 40 cm
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