Products for the home

We offer a complete range of polyethylene and biodegradable products for the broadest range of domestic uses. All our products are practical, safe, patented and certified. They are a trusted ally in cleaning and organizing your home. Virosac is there to help you all day long!From general waste sacks to biodegradable and scented sacks, food safe fridge storage bags, vacuum sealer bags and garment covers, and even food cooking and storage solutions.

Our Virosac brand product lines

  • Home
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    Products for domestic use. Waste sacks, freezer and vacuum sealer bags, storage bags and dust covers to protect clothes and objects, food cooking and storage accessories.

  • Professional
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    Products for professional use. In polyethylene, biodegradable and recycled materials for uses such as gardening and DIY, and for multiple professional industries like food service and industrial cleaning.

  • Retailer Accessories
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    Self-service products and accessories. Bag and disposable glove dispenser systems for retailers, service stations and gas pumps.

  • Organizations and Communities
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    Customized products and solutions for specific needs of large entities like organizations, communities and municipalities.

  • Pet Care
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    Products for pet care and hygiene. From dog waste bags to products for animal health and grooming and household cleaning.